New road axes in Attica

The use of the new legislation for proposals of the developers for new concession roads in Attica is an excellent solution to accelerate the implementation of the necessary transport infrastructure and especially the network of ring roads that the Region of Attica needs. Some of these projects have been discussed for decades while others are new. Their selection and prioritisation will determine the future of the transport system of the Capital of Greece and, therefore, decisions should be taken on the basis of the optimum combination of transport, technical and economic criteria.

The extension of the Ymittos Ring Road to Vouliagmeni Avenue and eventually to the sea front is a fundamental priority for the completion of one more part of the Athens ring road, which must start in priority. Indeed, this extension should be properly planned so that it can be properly integrated into the Attica ring roads system and their links.

The direct connection of Elefsina with the Athens-Thessaloniki highway is expected to serve the significant through traffic of the Peloponnese from/to Central and Northern Greece, relieving the already saturated Kifissos Avenue. Of course, whether this axis will connect Elefsina with Thiva or Oinofita has to be decided by evaluating the travel demand after thorough transport studies and the technical-economic feasibility based on the difficult topography of the areas.

The connection of the Capital of Greece with the Mesogeion Avenue through a tunnel in Ymittos is also necessary. Whether the Tunnel will be in Ilioupoli connecting only the Southern suburbs or in Kaisariani serving the entire large central axis massively, also needs to be properly examined. It certainly needs to be combined with the future Mesogeion road axes that need to be built before the upcoming urban developments of the next decades.

Finally, it is necessary that the initiatives of the constructors for the necessary road works are accompanied by corresponding proposals for the rapid completion of the 8 lines and 200 metro stations that Athens needs, given that Public Transport is the only sustainable solution for mobility in Athens.

Article in Kathimerini newspaper in December 2023

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