The Marathon is an example for lower speeds

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What led you to run 30 Marathons in 30 months? I am a Transportation Engineer and I have been specializing in road safety for more than 30 years, both in Greece and particularly internationally. We have observed that all these scientific researches and interventions we carry out are heard, but not that much. On the

22 Marathons in 22 months – A report of an amazing experience

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Having completed 22 Marathons in 22 months, I am highly grateful for all your great support for my challenge of running 30 Marathons in 30 months in order to promote the 30km/h speed limit in cities. An effort that with your continuous support has made a significant contribution to raising awareness of both society and

The future of Mobility Automation in Europe

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Why automation deployment is not that fast The challenge of balancing technology with user needs is critical for any development in transportation sector. One of the most controversial questions  of the decade, is why vehicle automation did not come as soon as promised and expected. The main reason is that there is too much focus

The nightmare of traffic congestion has returned to the streets of Athens

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Buses and monitoring the bus lanes will provide a solution to the traffic problem in Athens. Traffic congestion is not a Greek phenomenon, as European cities are even more congested. Traffic congestion stretches for 25-50 km for someone to enter the city in all European metropolitan areas and this has been the case for decades.

How many more Greeks have to be killed in road crashes?

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The improvement of road safety in Greece, which will lead to a reduction in road crashes, for the time being remains a virtual reality. It exists in the Government's commitments, but it is non-existent in everyday citizens’ life. A LiFO survey on the scourge of road crashes. Much has been written and said about road

Can Athens become a bicycle-friendly city?

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Contrary to many other European capitals, Athens lags behind in infrastructure, mindset, and education. Can this be reversed, and in what ways? But not Greece – and certainly not Athens. Bicycle traffic in all Greek cities except a few, like Trikala and Larissa, is very, very low, because on the one hand there is no

Traffic nightmare on the roads

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“On yet another challenging day for drivers in the basin, today's traffic on the central roads of Attica turned red once again”. “Since the morning, Kifissos was impassable in both directions, while there was heavy traffic on Mesogeion Avenue and Kifissias Avenue”. “The same situation prevailed on the Attiki Odos from Metamorfosi to Gerakas.” These

New road axes in Attica

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The use of the new legislation for proposals of the developers for new concession roads in Attica is an excellent solution to accelerate the implementation of the necessary transport infrastructure and especially the network of ring roads that the Region of Attica needs. Some of these projects have been discussed for decades while others are