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George Yannis does not stop dreaming and working for a world with safe, green and efficient road traffic everywhere and for all and on that purpose he shares publicly his views on theory and practice in modern transportation systems.

Running 30 Marathons in 30 months

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After more than 30 years of dedication to road safety science and several Marathon races, I decided to combine both passions for a cause: to run 30 Marathons in 30 months in order to actively promote the adoption of 30km/h speed limit in as many cities as possible worldwide, as a key policy for safer,

Vision Zero Road Fatalities in Greek Motorways

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Motorways are one of the most important transportation subsystems, which provide at the same time quick, comfortable and safe travelling. Motorways are the safest road infrastructures worldwide. Despite their significant traffic volumes, only 8.5% of road fatalities in the European Union occur on them, with an even lower percentage in Greece (7% in 2019). The

Athens Traffic: Inertia leads to chaos

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Traffic in Athens is continuously deteriorating and traffic congestion is expected to further increase if no immediate action is taken. Unfortunately, the decade of financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic were two more missed opportunities. On one hand, the Authorities did not exploited the reduction in traffic in order to push new models of sustainable

Is Artificial Intelligence the future of road safety?

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Is Artificial Intelligence the future of road safety? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques are currently used in several road safety related applications, supporting decision making of both the Authorities and the road users and transforming and upgrading significantly the potential for road safety improvement worldwide: - In vehicle technology, AI algorithms are implemented to

Road Traffic Accidents Pandemic versus Covid-19 Pandemic

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Road Traffic Accidents is a Pandemic comparable to Covid-19 Pandemic Covid-19 is a major pandemic with large number of victims (165.000 fatalities at mid-April 2020), which can be compared to the road traffic accidents pandemic (1,35 million fatalities and 50 million injuries per year globally). However, road traffic accidents pandemic has never being seeing by the

Which is the right mix of mobility and safety policies?

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Today there is too much imbalance between urban mobility and safety policies, with mobility and efficient travelling dominating the mind of the citizens and subsequently the choices of the politicians, even if everybody agrees and talks about safety as a theoretical priority. This imbalance in favour of mobility is also reflected at the effort put

How can new road safety data accelerate safety improvement?

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Data is a key support tool for developing evidence-based road safety policies. However, we are quite far from both disposing the right data and appropriately using them. Today, very often, we look where the data are and not where the problems are.  For example, we miss very critical information not only about risk exposure, like

Saving lives together

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An interview at the inSCIght on-line magazine of Hasselt University How did it all start? Everything started with my studies in civil and transportation engineering back in Athens, and later on in Paris. There I developed my passion for applied transportation science and the great social as well as economic value it holds to our society. It’s

Why do we need an African Road Safety Observatory?

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Road casualties is a major burden to the society worldwide.  According to WHO statistics, road casualties in Africa are by far proportionally higher than in any other region of the world. However, do we know the real number of road fatalities and injuries in Africa? Do we know the real specific road safety problems in

How to improve road safety data in Africa?

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Road safety data collection and storage are critical for a series of procedures to improve road safety. However, capturing accurate and complete road safety data is a difficult and complex issue. The main problems faced when recording road accidents are the unclear determination of road accident location, insufficient or incorrect recording of information and insufficient