Can the internet of everything improve road user behaviour?

The Internet of Things and of Everything is steadily making easily available massive driving and travelling data, which present a very high potential for monitoring driving and travelling behaviour and subsequently provide customized feedback both to the driver/traveller and to the systems managers (public or private), which was never available before.

It is the first time that this wealth of data and information is made available and through the appropriate processing and analysis, decisions of both the individuals and the systems managers are so well substantiated. In this way, the driver/traveller behaviour is changing/improving constantly and even dynamically, transforming the notion of mobility and safety.

Research in the field of monitoring and improving road user behaviour through the Internet of Everything should be intensified, and should cover all aspects of:

– technologies of data collection, transmission and processing,

– data privacy at all phases from data collection to final customised feedback,

– advanced and rigorous data analysis and synthesis,

– sticking to clear objectives for improving safety.

Contribution at the European Commission DG Research and Innovation Workshop on Future Mobility and the Challenges for Human Factors and Behaviour, Brussels, September 2016

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